Casino Industry Expectations for Relaxation of Quarantine Policy in China

Casino Industry Expectations for Relaxation of Quarantine Policy in China

As the Chinese government has recently eased quarantine guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the domestic casino industry (카지노사이트) is raising expectations for foreign guests. Related industries are paying attention as it is predicted that large Chinese hands will return in more than two years.

According to related industries on the 30th, major casino facilities in Korea have begun preparing to greet customers, mainly in Jeju. It has not been long since the Chinese authorities announced the easing of quarantine guidelines, but facilities that had suspended operations are signaling the reopening and hiring new and experienced workers.

The industry is paying attention to the recent resumption of flights between Gimpo and Haneda, which had been suspended for about two years after the spread of COVID-19, and the Chinese government has shortened the quarantine period for overseas entrants from the previous three weeks to 10 days. It is predicted that those who entered Korea for tourism purposes from Japan and China will also visit casinos.

“Although sales have increased slightly in some businesses recently, considering that normal operations were not possible during the pandemic period, it is a base effect rather than a favorable factor,” said an industry official, adding, “I think performance will improve significantly by the end of the year.”


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