Impact of the Corona Casino Industry

The casino industry, which has been hit by Corona 19, is showing signs of releasing social distances at home and abroad.

According to the industry on September 9, the Japanese government is expected to allow foreign tourists to enter the country from next month.

From June 1, the foreigner’s visa system will resume in about 28 months.

The Japanese government banned Koreans from entering Korea in March 2020 for the prevention of Corona 19.

The Korean government also banned Japanese visas and canceled visas.

Since then, the two countries have issued limited electronic travel permits (K-ETA) to business travelers, etc.

Until now, the entry of tourist destinations has not been achieved.

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun of the Japanese economy said, “The government has begun to adjust the resumption of new foreign tourists.”

Golden Week” (from late April to early May) and two weeks after the end of the Corona 19 situation

It is expected to decide whether to allow foreign tourists to enter this month.

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